The Houston Texans appear to be going "all in" on 2019.

The Texans unloaded a disgruntled player, addressed a running back question mark, and added to their offensive line through three separate, massive moves today in one of the most explosive days in Texans organization history.

First, it started as the Texans sent Jadeveon Clowney to the Seattle Seahawks, which rids the team of a disgruntled defensive star...

Then Houston aimed to fill in their running back issues, which haven't really been addressed since Lamar Miller went down with a torn ACL. They snagged Carlos Hyde from Kansas City

But the big one, which at this point isn't even fully flushed out, includes a massive upgrade to their offensive line, and a possible weapon for quarterback Deshaun Watson

Laremy Tunsil is one of the best young tackles in football, who remains affordable. He will be a HUGE upgrade for Watson's blindside. Stills is a well respected veteran who can still contribute on the field.

The Texans have unloaded a lot of high picks, but have added a few mid round picks, in addition to the player upgrades.

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