Legendary quarterback and current sports analyst for Sunday on Fox NFL Sunday Terry Bradshaw returned home to Shreveport Tuesday (Nov. 5) to give his thoughts on the rookie hazing controversy that took place inside the Miami Dolphins' locker room. 

The former Louisiana Tech and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback had some strong words for the team, staff and students of Woodlawn, but even stronger words when speaking on the controversy surrounding hazing the locker room involving former Miami Dolphin Richard Incognito and current Dolphin Johnathan Martin.

"I do understand in a locker room you can say things to people no one else can say, alright, but they take it in the love from which the person gives it," Bradshaw said. "[For example]: 'You dumb piece of you know what.' But that's the locker room and you know who's giving it to you...I find it hard to believe that no one knew of what was going on [in the organization]."

Listen to the rest of what Terry Bradshaw had to say:



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