A Chicago police officer is being investigated for tasering an eight-month pregnant woman for parking in a handicap spot earlier this week). The cop claimed he didn’t know the woman was expecting.

But, that’s just the beginning of the story.

A police spokesperson did say later at an unrelated press conference that officers should only use a stun gun to overcome or prevent an assault. So was an expectant mother on the cusp of giving birth posing a threat?

Not even close, according to the woman, Tiffany Rent, and her boyfriend, Joseph Hobbs. In an interview, Hobbs, pictured above, recalled, “He tasered her, acting like it wasn’t nothing, acted like he didn’t know she was pregnant…He stuck the taser in the window, tasered three times, boom, boom, boom.”

Hobbs also said that Rent could stand across the street and her delicate condition would be obvious and plain as day.

Hobbs went into the drug store to grab batteries, while Rent waited in the handicap spot. She got out of the car to strap her young daughter into her car seat when the cop approached her, writing a ticket. That’s when she reportedly dropped the ticket on the ground and got into her vehicle and closed the door, at which point the cop said he would arrest her. He then tasered her. In a poor audio quality phone interview, Rent states she was shaking from the incident.

After a quick visit to the hospital, Rent and her unborn child were deemed fine.

While handicapped parking stalls are accompanied by posted signs detailing the penalties for using them illegally and tossing a ticket issued by an officer are things law-abiding citizens shouldn’t do, tasering a woman who is visibly with child sure doesn’t seem fair. Do you agree?

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