These kind of stories always make me remember the fun I had with certain toys as a kid but also how it was never thought to maybe buy a second just to keep for an occasion like this.

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Dallas auction house, Heritage Auctions, held an auction this weekend for the highest graded, sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros. game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The auction ended with an anonymous buyer taking home the game for $114,000, the highest price for a video game at auction according to KLTV.

Now, before you head up to your attic to find that sealed copy you've been hanging on to since the 80's, you need to know why this particular game went for that price. A cardboard hangtab. According to, it is also extremely rare to find a sealed copy of the game, graded at a 9.4, with that hangtab. It's said under ten copies even exist like the one sold at the auction.

To think if we as an 8 year old, or our parents, could have had the foresight to buy two of the toy we wanted so bad. One to play with, one to keep for an occasion such as this.

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