This year's Super Bowl is in trouble.

Ever since the end of the NFC Championship game, where the NFL appeared to steal a trip to the Super Bowl away from New Orleans in favor of the second biggest TV market in the country, Los Angeles, the game has been getting mocked.

Many NFL fans view the game as illegitimate, which even included a federal lawsuit this week, and a really awkward press conference with the NFL Commissioner. But it's not just the game on the field.

For years football fans have mocked the choices for musical acts to perform the Super Bowl halftimes show. Generally its been musical acts who are undesirable to average football fans. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars...and this year, it's no different, with Maroon 5.

But on top of that, Maroon 5 have been dealing with backlash from their peers, fans, and public, for taking the job. The outcry has been over the NFL's treatment of quarterback Collin Kaepernick. In fact, rapper Cardi B has reported she turned down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl half time show because of the Kaepernick situation. Artists like Jay-Z and Rihanna are in the same place as Cardi B on the issue.

The backlash became so bad this week, the NFL canceled Maroon 5's press conference about their performance.

So what could the NFL, Maroon 5, and the Super Bowl do to get people to think about them in a positive way again? Listen to the fans...

Now how possible is it that Maroon 5 would do this? It actually seems like a lock now. Reporters from around the stadium in Atlanta have evidence of SpongeBob appearing on the stadium screens, as well as reports of hearing Maroon 5 rehearse the song inside the stadium.

So will it happen? Will you watch it? Or are we past it even mattering to NFL fans, and Maroon 5 fans?

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