These performances seem to get more and more elaborate every year! Who spent the most money on their show?

Every year, millions upon millions of eyeballs are glued to their television screens for the biggest football game of the season... the Super Bowl. Some watch their favorite team try to win a championship, some watch for the commercials, and some watch only for the halftime performance. The biggest names are always asked to jump on that stage. Only those with the most guts accept.

And boy, is it pricey!

Review Journal broke down the shows that were worth the most. Any guesses on which ones broke the bank. My first thought was Katy Perry and her huge lion, or last year with Coldplay mainly for the list of names jumping on stage to sing.

Those didn't even come close.

According to their records, the top 10 shows that carried the largest net worth were:

10. Justin Timberlake (2004) - $230 million
9. Lady Gaga (2017) - estimated $275 million
8. Katy Perry (2015) - $280 million
7. Prince (2007) - $300 million
6. Beyonce (2013) - $450 million
5. Bruce Springsteen (2009) - $460 million
4. Madonna (2012) - $800 million
3. The Rolling Stones (2006) - $960 million
2. Paul McCartney (2005) - $1.2 billion
1. U2 (2002) - $1.34 billion

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