While I was on vacation, I spent some quality time at home. It was a great time to spend mornings with my son’s dog Beau. We snuggled each morning and lounged around the house. He is a sweet boy. But he’s not the favorite dog in Louisiana. Did you know we have a state dog? We do. Only 13 states have a state dog, and Louisiana is one of them.

So what is our favored breed? It is the Catahoula Leopard Dog. This dog has been in Louisiana for centuries, but we really don’t know how the breed came to be.

But the American Kennel Club says this is the only breed of dog to “have historically originated in the state of Louisiana.”  The dog originated in the area around Catahoula Lake which is east of Alexandria.  The word “Catahoula” is thought to be of Choctaw Indian descent and translated to English as “sacred lake.”

The breed is known to be a working dog that is strong and powerful. The pups are agile and have a ton of endurance.

These dogs will assert themselves in self-defense. In a home setting, they are loyal, gentle and very affectionate. You can expect to get lots of love from this pup.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog was named the state dog of Louisiana on July 9, 1979, when then-Governor Edwin Edwards signed the bill into law.

The Catahoula are very popular among hunters all across Louisiana.

What States Have a State Dog?

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