It’s no surprise the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII is under the tightest of tight security. The set of the Rian Johnson film has reportedly been equipped with drones and 600 security guards to prevent any passerby from leaking footage. Yet the age of cell phone cameras and social media, no set goes unleaked.

After filming in London, Johnson’s still-untitled Star Wars moved to Dubrovnik, Croatia over the weekend. A handful of set photos have leaked revealing a look at some new alien characters and a new land speeder. The latest photos, which you can see over at TMZ, feature a look at a blue and chrome vehicle that appears to be a landspeeder, which you can see in explosive, spark-filled action at the Daily Mail.

TMZ also a look at two new alien creatures, one with a furry beard and another with a lizard-like face and pointed head. We can’t tell who these new creatures are, but they’re clad in similar formal attire with long black coats. The furry-faced guy is showcasing his best Italian Mafia boss, donning a giant gold emblem around his neck with a ribbed white button-up. The other alien is seen wearing white gloves, similar to a human character who looks more vampiric with pointy eyebrows, slicked black hair and a mysterious emblem over his collar. Will Episode VIII take us to a fancy gala at a new planet? Or are these characters a part of some secret society?

While the Star Wars location Dubrovnik is meant to stand in for is still unknown, some have their predictions. MovieWeb predicts these scenes could take place in Corellia, Han Solo’s home planet, while HeyUGuys speculates that Episode VIII may feature the late Solo’s funeral. Other leaked photos, via DuList, also show characters in military uniforms on a beach. However, one new photo revealed this weekend wasn’t leaked. Johnson shared the a new behind-the-scenes photo on his Tumblr to celebrate the end of the first four weeks of shooting. The black-and-white photo shows cinematographer Steve Yedlin on what may be the Millennium Falcon.

In other Star Wars news, Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd revealed that she’s returning for Episode VIII. The actress, who appeared briefly in The Force Awakens, told SlashFilm that her Lieutenant Connix will have a bigger role in the new movie. When asked if she would share scenes with her mother, the 14-year-old, who also appears in Fox’s Scream Queens, would only say, “maybe.”

We may have to wait until December 15, 2017 to actually find out what happens in Episode VIII, but there’s still more The Force Awakens details to look forward to. The digital HD and Blu-ray and DVD releases are less than a month away and Monday’s Good Morning America debuted a look at the new Force Awakens documentary, which will premiere at South by South West. Check out the preview below.

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