Steve Rogers is certainly the man of the hour at Marvel right now; star of one of the biggest superhero films yet, and he's just returned to his old role as Captain America working alongside Sam Wilson who also shares the title.

This week saw the release of the new ongoing series Captain America: Steve Rogers by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, which spins out of the events of the recent Avengers Standoff crossover. However, the issue contained a huge revelation about Steve Rogers' upbringing that may change how we look at the Sentinel of Liberty forever! Spoilers for the issue follow. If you want to read the book unspoiled, don't read this article; but if you need to know what everyone is going to be talking about this week, carry on.

This issue itself is fun and action-packed, and as a personal highlight it brings back Jack Flag and Free Spirit, who were allies of Captain America during his armored Avenger days. The most interesting part of the story comes in the flashbacks to Steve's childhood, as a woman approaches his mother, takes her and Steve out for dinner, and at the end of the night hands her a flyer to attend a HYDRA rally!

As we discover this in the comic, in the present Steve Rogers throws Jack Flag out of an aircraft, and that's when we hit the last page twist.




Steve Rogers: Agent of HYDRA.

This is only the first issue, so it could come to mean any manner of things over the course of the run, but based on this first issue it seems to be saying that Steve Rogers has been a HYDRA sleeper agent since he was a child. If true, this might just be one of the most shocking reveals of the year, and on the same day DC Comics expected to dominate the news with DC Universe: Rebirth #1

Whether Steve Rogers does indeed turn out to be a sleeper agent for HYDRA or not it's certainly a captivating last page twist, and based on the quality of Spencer's work on the Captain America books so far, I'm excited to see how this one plays out.

If Marvel is taking suggestions on huge revelations regarding Steve Rogers identity, fans had hoped the company would go in a different direction, with the #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend hashtag blowing up on Twitter over the past couple of days. Having him come out as gay or bi would have been a lot less shocking and a lot more fun than making him a HYDRA agent!


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