Already struggling with that resolution to be more active? It may not be your fault.

It's pretty typical for people to set a resolution or a goal to be more active in a new year. I fall into this category, but it typically doesn't kick in until spring time. Sound familiar? If it does, well you're in luck because now we can blame our failure-to-start fitness program on... the environment!

According to WalletHub, some cities are better for active lifestyles than others.

Their research is based on several factors including the average fee it costs you each month for a gym membership, the percentage of inactive versus active people that live in that city (influence is everything these days), and even the amount of fitness activities per capita. After all, it would be difficult to commit to swimming more laps if you didn't have access to a pool, publicly or privately. Their research even delved into the number of playgrounds available for our kiddos to play on.

That being said, Texas turned up several cities on the bottom of the list meaning they are some of the worst places to maintain an active lifestyle.

Here are the worst cities for an active lifestyle:

1. Memphis, Tennessee

2. Laredo, Texas

3. North Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Dallas, Texas

5. New York, New York

6. Hialeah, Florida

7. Newark, New Jersey

8. Toledo, Ohio

9. Irving, Texas

10. Arlington, Texas

Ouch Texas! Four cities on that list. I really need to think about this over a bowl of ice cream.

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