Soldier Field has a storied history as the home of the Chicago Bears. In recent years, the poor field conditions have lead to the field being a miserable place to play. To remedy this, the Bears elected to put down entirely new grass, switching from Kentucky Bluegrass to Bermuda grass.

Of course, one would think that with fresh grass, the field conditions for the season opener would have been excellent right?


What might as well have been a monsoon rolled through Chicago and the new Bermuda grass held that water pretty well.

We had the first ever NFL game played on a slip and slide field.

The messy conditions lead to a muddy, sloppy affair that ended in a victory for Da Bears.

But not everything was fun and games. The field conditions did cause some serious issues, like sidelines being... well...

Also, for those watching at home, i.e. almost everyone, there were some moments that may have made you feel like you needed to get your eyes checked.

Finally, due to the miserable conditions, we also got a look at perhaps one of the worst rules in the entire NFL rule book (and that's saying something).

Nonetheless, the Bears beat the 49ers 19-10 and the photos from the game are among the best I've ever seen.

Inclement weather games are the best.

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