Just when you thought Fred Armisen’s deleted SNL finale sketch the last of Season 41 to hold you over for summer, in swoops a bonus round of celebrity Star Wars auditions! SNL dusted off the November sketch for another round, this time including Matthew McConaughey, along with impressive impressions the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Shia LaBeouf and more.

The sketch itself first aired with True Detective alum Matthew McConaughey’s SNL hosting in November, though the actor himself was apparently cut from the sketch, which itself featured Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast and crew John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams.

This time out, Vanessa Bayer gets to put on a Jennifer Lawrence voice to rival Ariana Grande’s, while Taran Killam apes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Kyle Mooney gets a multi-layer Shia LaBeouf parody. There’s also new material from Emma Stone and Jon Hamm (as themselves) and even the Black Eyed Peas (not as themselves)!

Why now, of all times, SNL decided to release the goods is beyond us, but here’s hoping for more cut Season 41 bits all summer. If nothing else, the Star Wars parody helps take our minds of those reported Rogue One reshoots. You can watch the original SNL sketch below.

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