One thing I have noticed since I really started tracking and reporting on lottery jackpots over the past few years is this. When a game like Powerball or Mega Millions reaches a top prize of a quarter of a billion dollars there is usually a winner within six more drawings for that particular game.

Such was the case Saturday night. The Powerball jackpot had been growing since April and had just crossed the "magical" $250 million dollar mark a week or so ago. When the balls dropped for the June 5th drawing the estimated jackpot was about $285 million dollars. And just as predicted by my hypothesis the game got a winner.

$213 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Mystery Winner
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Powerball game officials say the big money winner was sold in Florida. That ticket matched all the numbers, the white ball numbers, and the Powerball to claim the game's top prize. But the Florida ticket wasn't the only winner you need to be concerned with. There was a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket sold in Louisiana.

That ticket missed the big money by one ball. The ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball. By rule, the top prize for a ticket that matched that combination of numbers is $50,000. Had the ticket purchaser opted for the Power Play they could be holding a ticket worth $150,000 but still, $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

Pepi Stohanvoski via
Pepi Stohanvoski via

The winning numbers sold for Saturday's June 5th drawing were:

44   52   54   64   69   PB 26  Powerplay X3.

According to the Louisiana Lottery Jackpots and Winning Numbers page on their website the Louisiana winner was sold at a Circle K Store on the West Bank Expressway in Marrero. The person holding that ticket needs to be sure they sign the back of it to avoid any issues with ownership and later today they'll want to contact the Louisiana Lottery Office to claim their cash.

The Powerball jackpot will restart at $20 million on Wednesday. The Mega Millions jackpot will be an estimated $56 million when they hold the next drawing in that game on Tuesday night.

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