Okay, whoever made Mother Nature mad, can you apologize? And do it quickly!

We don't normally see temperatures like we've been having lately here in Louisiana until at least July. This heat wave has locked in on the whole state from Shreveport all the way to the Gulf.

The First Day of Summer Isn't Until June 21

And for Heaven's sake, it isn't even June yet! If these trends continue, there's no way we'll survive July.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A friend of mine told me that his air conditioner has only come on once so far this year. He said it came on Sunday and he'll tell me when it finally shuts off.

It's just that hot! (Scares me to think that maybe Al Gore wasn't a total goof ball)

We Ain't Skeered Of A Little Heat Wave

Course, here in the Bayou State, we know how to handle bad weather. For crying out loud, we throw parties while looking straight into the eye of a hurricane, so some little heat wave doesn't scare us.

We just laugh this kind of stuff off.

To help you see the humor in all of this, we've found some Hilarious Signs That Summer Has Already Hit Louisiana.

Hilarious Signs That Summer Has Already Hit Louisiana

Louisiana is gripped in a heat wave that we don't normally see until late July, and it's not even June yet. It's so hot we just have to laugh...so we don't cry. To help see the humor, check out these signs that summer has already hit Louisiana.

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