The Olympics are the pinnacle of human athletics achievement. Hundreds of millions will tune in to root for their heroes and witness sports miracles.

Some of us, however, just could not care less.

To be fair, if you ever watch NBC’s Olympic coverage, you might get diabetes. There has to be one athlete who just really likes a sport and didn’t overcome some sort of adversity to win. Right? RIGHT?! Similarly, there’s that one friend, you know this guy, the one who just has to liveblog everything on TV. It’s enough to drive even a hardcore sports fanatic crazy.

If you’re already sick of the Olympics, you can at least avoid them on the Internet by downloading and using the Olwimpics plug-in. It’s very simple: it scans any webpage you’re on and if it finds the word “Olympics”, it censors it in one of the colors of the Olympic rings. You preserve your sanity and everybody else gets to enjoy the games.

Now if you can just get people to not talk about them to you…

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