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No joke, Bear's on Fairfield is Shreveport's best kept food secret...and we're tired of it. No, we're not tired of the food, it's too good to get tired of. We're absolutely tired of people no knowing about how good the kitchen is at Bear's.

Let us add, its also super unfortunate that Bear's is a BAR. Which means they're 21-and-old only. This food is so good that it shouldn't be that way, but we don't make the laws.

This secret needs to be let out, and it needs to become common knowledge that there is mouth watering food all over the Bear's menu. Which by the way, just got an update. Which brings us to the reason we're gathered here today; this new menu. You can see some pics of the dishes below, but let's look at the menu now...

Credit: Bear's
Credit: Bear's

First of all, the Brisket Mac & Cheese is THE BEST MAC & CHEESE YOU CAN BUY IN SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER. I will physically fight over that point. Second, even if you HATE the idea of "cauliflower wings" instead of chicken wings, just call it something else. Because I'm a massive meat eater, and I've personally tackled these Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, and I will do it again. Third, there's nothing bad on this whole menu.

Top to bottom, these are all winners. Light options, massive meals, and sides that pair great with their amazing drink options. Oh, and we're not even talking about the specials that they come up with that are bonkers.

Again, Bear's is a BAR. So you do have to be 21+ to enjoy these delicious options.

OK, now check out some pics of these delicious dishes, and then tell literally everyone you know, so we can stop calling this place a "secret".

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