This statement was recently released by the Mayor's Office:

“We are excited to announce that the City of Shreveport and Mayor Adrian Perkins will be featured in this season of  the CBS show, Undercover Boss. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our city and the amazing people who live and work here before an international audience of millions. We sought an opinion with the Louisiana State Board of Ethics regarding the rewards. The board unanimously agreed today that the employees featured in this program are entitled to the promised rewards. The rewards were funded through private donors. This is the 10th anniversary season of Undercover Boss and we are thrilled that Shreveport was featured because this program shines a positive light on our city and we look forward to sharing this moment with everyone.”  - Benjamin Riggs, Communications Director.

Shreveport is set to be featured on the show "Undercover Boss", but there's a problem. Can city workers receive the gifts they are offered on the show?
Shreveport City Attorney Mekisha Creal has asked the state ethics board for an expedited ruling on this matter. The episode is expected to air next month.

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Perkins
Photo Courtesy of Adrian Perkins

Here's the list of employees and some of the gifts they were awarded:

Dylan Mills, a Shreveport firefighter - $4,000 college fund for his children and a trip to a Saints game.
Gerald Brown, SPAR rec center manager - $10,000 for a family vacation.
Hope Scott Pouncey, sanitation worker - $2500 for a trip to Vegas to visit a son.
Jason Cook, Shreveport police officer - $2,000 for college fund for his son.
Mary Reed, SPAR maintenance worker - 4 year scholarship to LSUS (value $36,000) $6,000 to repair hole in roof.

The participants were also paid $200 each for time missed at work.

In her letter to the ethics board, Creal stated: "If the rewards cannot be given, the network may be forced to air the episode with a disclaimer that Louisiana law prevented them from getting their promised rewards." She added: “It is our concern that an inability of the program participants to access the rewards would not only harm the program participants but would also reflect negatively on the State of Louisiana and the City of Shreveport.”

Creal says the production company concealed the identity of the “boss.” Few city employees know of Mayor Adrian Perkins’ involvement.
Perkins was not included in the compensation plan.


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