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Amid weeks of controversy and protests, the new Hustler Hollywood Retail Store is officially open in West Shreveport.  Located in the former iHop location on Financial Plaza off of Pines Road, Hustler Hollywood has caused quite a ruckus in West Shreveport since announcing months ago they were planning to open.

Hustler Hollywood announced back in October they were planning to open their 47th location in Shreveport, and protests began soon after.  Shreveport city council candidate Derrick Henderson organized a protest saying:

"This is not the economic development that we want, deserve or need in Shreveport City Council District G. As your next councilman, I will fight for the development that we want and deserve."

One major concern at first was whether or not the location was going to be a strip club.  It was later determined not to be a strip club, but rather a retail store that sells adult-themed and sexually oriented merchandise. Which then raised another concern...

Hustler Hollywood is located within a 9-iron from Huntington High School, which then prohibits a "sexually oriented business" from opening that close to a school.  So... another controversy ensued... is it a "sexually-oriented business?"  Hustler Hollywood claims it is not. Officials claim that 80% of their business is generated from the sale of lingerie and clothing.  They claim less than 20% of their business comes from sexually explicit materials such as adult-themed toys & sexually explicit DVD's.  Apparently Shreveport officials agree, and the company was allowed to open at the existing location.  Shreveport officials claim they will be monitoring the new business closely.

One Shreveport mayoral candidate, Gregory Tarver, issued a statement on Wednesday claiming he vows to close the business if he's elected.

I share the concern and shock of the residents of West Shreveport at the opening of the Hustler Hollywood store. If elected, my administration will do everything within our power to close the store and to protect the sanctity of our neighborhoods. I believe the current ordinance on Sexually Oriented Businesses may need to be reviewed and updated. As your next Mayor I will work with my my legal team to do just that.

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