Do you've found yourself with 4 Dallas Cowboys on your fantasy football roster. First of all, you're a homer, second, you can still make this work.

But today might be the bump in your Cowboys road. The Cowboys will take on the Denver Broncos, who happen to have one of the best defenses in the NFL. So we could see some major issues with parts of this Cowboys offense. I'm not here to say the Cowboys can't win this game, but remember, Fantasy Football is different from real football.

So if Dallas wins, but it's 15-6, you're probably not going to have a good fantasy week.

What should you do? I've got ideas...

Dak Prescott: Hopefully you haven't gone all-in on Dak for your QB position. If you don't have a solid backup, you need to hit the free agent pool while there's time. I think your best bet with Dak today is that he gets some good runs in. I don't see him picking apart the "No Fly Zone" tonight.

Ezekiel Elliott: Start your studs is the best rule in Fantasy Football (besides never draft a kicker before the final round). So if you spent a first or second round pick on him, start this man.

Dez Bryant: I'm not really hot on Dez this week, but if you spent a high pick on him, you kind of have to go with him. Unless you have a really deep league, you probably have another WR you could use. If you're in a PPR league, you can go find a slot receiver that will get volume today, but Dez just scares me against that Denver D.

Jason Witten/Cole Beasley/Ryan Switzer: I think these guys are more like lotto tickets this week. You could hit big with one of them, but it's more likely that they will have very small returns.

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