A debate is raging right now that puts beer and college right in the middle of the cross-hairs.  According to the Advocate, Democratic Rep. Cedric Glover from Shreveport is using one of his 5 bills in a legislative session focused on fiscal matters to propose a ban on allowing colleges in Louisiana to officially license their name, logo, likeness, etc. to a company making an alcoholic beverage.

Glover cites a "confusing message" that's being sent to students.  In one hand, several organizations and campaigns are designed and operate to combat student drinking -  in the other hand is a, "Official" college beer

The concern is centered around 2 beers at this time:

Ragin’ Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale also know as the official beer for UL-Lafayette

and Bayou Bengal Lager supporting LSU

House Bill 610 would ban the partnerships that bring these kinds of beers to the table, and would prohibit current contracts from renewing.