One of the biggest matches on this year's Wrestlemania card is the WWE Championship between current champion AJ Styles, and challenger Shinsuke Nakamura. This match would likely "steal the show" at Wrestlemania, but we all expect it to be the best match, so there's nothing to steal as the favorite.

This was called a "dream match" 2 years ago, when it happened in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Their first meeting ever as solo competitors in the ring for these two. The match was nearly a 5-star match, and likely would have been if it wasn't overshadowed on the same show by other matches.

Both have now made their way to WWE, and to the top of the card on the biggest weekend of the year. AJ Styles has held onto the WWE Championship for months, and Shinsuke won this year's Royal Rumble, which guaranteed him a chance at the Championship at Wrestlemania.

With so many people excited to see this match, New Japan Pro Wrestling had a brilliant idea, they posted that 2016 match between the two for free on their Youtube channel this week.

So if you want to see one of the most anticipated matches of this weekend's Wrestlemania today, here you go:

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