Nobody’s perfect. Not even a late night talk show host like Conan O’Brien, who invites fans to let him know if an error is made during the course of the show. Apparently, one astute viewer pointed out that during an interview with actor/singer Jack Black, O’Brien referred to Scotty McCreery as “Scott McCreedy.”

It was an egregious enough error for the viewer, named Andy, to submit a video correcting the host. Conan spun the mistake in his usual hilarious way — with a little help from McCreery himself on Monday night (June 4) — telling the viewer that Scotty had indeed changed his name.

“You are dead wrong. It’s true that his name used to be Scotty McCreery,” Conan declared, adding, “But as any real fan knows, he changed his name to Scotty McCreedy.”

To prove he had taken a new nom de plume, the singer filmed a video, in which he sings about the details surrounding the name change while seated in front of a dusty barn — as country as it gets. Turns out, he swapped our McCreery for McCreedy because his former name was “too long,” not realizing that they’re actually the same length. How hysterical.

During the clip, the ‘Water Tower Town’ also spray paints an “X” over the cardboard cutout of the fact-finding viewer, proving that, “Nevertheless, Conan’s right and you’re wrong.

We love that Scotty was able to poke fun at himself through the medium in which he best expresses himself — a song!

Watch Scotty McCreery aka Scotty McCreedy on ‘Conan’

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