With the NFL season over, the focus of NFL fans now turns to the NFL draft. Today the draft lineup was officially set and the Saints are picking 18th in the draft.

Now that it is official, I want to look at who the Saints should target with the 18th pick. Here are 3 players that I could see the Saints drafting at pick 18

Player #1: Quarterback Kenny Pickett

When you look across the league, there is one thing that is clearly necessary to win in today's NFL and that's a good quarterback. More than any other period in the history of the NFL, a great quarterback can be the difference between a super bowl run and picking in the lottery. And sure you could acquire a quarterback in free agency as the Super Bowl champion Rams did. However, when you look at the league, having a young stud quarterback allows you so much freedom to make moves in other areas of need. There are many examples I could point at from Justin Herbert to Joe Burrow to Patrick Mahomes to Josh Allen. Being able to draft your franchise quarterback makes life easier on the front office.

Now with that being said, in my opinion, the best quarterback in this draft is the quarterback out of Pitt Kenny Pickett.

Kenny Pickett brings all the things you would want in a franchise quarterback. He has a cannon for an arm, he can throw on the run, he has the ability to shed tackles in the pocket, and he has pinpoint accuracy. In 2020 Pickett threw for 2408 yards, 13 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and had a completion percentage of 61.1. Now, this past season he made a leap to 4319 yards, 42 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions while having a 67.2 completion percentage rate. That is a sign of significant growth.

Pickett may not be the most athletic quarterback like Josh Allen; however, he does have the ability to be somewhat mobile like a Joe Burrow. And in this league that is enough to make a difference.

Player #2: Wide Receiver Jameson Williams

It was apparent to everyone from fans to other teams to even the Saints themselves that the wide receiver room for the Saints is TRASH. Even with the return of Michael Thomas, the Saints need help at wide receiver enter Jameson Williams.

Jameson Williams in my opinion was easily the best wide receiver in college football last season. Now he is coming off of a torn ACL. because if he wasn't the Saints would not have a shot at drafting him. I believe even with the injury Williams is worth the risk.

Jameson Williams gives the Saints a dynamic second option that can stretch the field. He is a speedster that can kill opposing defenses deep. If you pair the deep threat of Williams with a possession wide receiver like Michael Thomas it doesn't matter who is at quarterback because those two will help bring success. Williams speed gives you someone who can be Tyreek Hill-esque and that is someone the Saints can not afford to pass on.

Player #3: Defensive Tackle Jordan Davis

The Saints' defensive line was one of their strongest features last year. However, one area that could've used improvement was the defensive tackle position. We saw how different the defensive line was pre-David Onyemata suspension and post. The defensive tackle position for the Saints is a little weak outside of Onyemata. That is where a see Jordan Davis fitting in.

If Aaron Donald and the Rams have shown anything, it's that a dominant defensive tackle can make all the difference in the world. And Jordan Davis is the right type of dominant. Davis is 6 foot 6 340 pounds of terror. He is amazing at filling holes and stopping the run. He also has the ability to pass rush and command multiple blockers thus freeing holes for other defensive linemen and linebackers. This is the type of player that will make everyone on that defensive line better. Davis would be a steal at 18.

I believe that if the Saints choose any of these players they instantly become a better team. With Pickett you get your future franchise quarterback, with Williams you fill a void that is necessary and with Davis, the strong get stronger. Any way you slice it, it is a good outcome for the Saints.

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