Rocky Balboa is a film icon. Sylvester Stallone's fictional boxer has become an everlasting symbol of the underdog and an icon of sports-crazy Philadelphia, where most of the Rocky films were set.

While Rocky wasn't real, the places Stallone's character was seen running past during the training montages in 'Rocky' and 'Rocky II' are, though they look much different today than they did in the mid-to-late 1970s when the first two Rocky movies were filmed (compare the city's skyline from 1976 to 2008).

Philadelphia magazine recently analyzed Rocky's run in 'Rocky II' and deduced that the fighter would have covered 30.61 miles in real life Philadelphia during his training session. That's means he ran more than four miles over marathon distance while fueled by just a few raw eggs (and maybe a soft pretzel along the way).

Obviously, no real-life fighter would ever do that much running a few days before a fight, but it's also notable that 1970s' Philly apparently was a breeding ground for super-athletic children who were able to run 30+ miles alongside an elite prize-fighter while wearing Garanimals. That's where we call BS.

Suspension of disbelief only carries so far, Sly.

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