It's no surprise that rock stars bring the same level of drive and ambition needed to craft impactful songs, albums and tours into other fields, like sports.

Musicians who are looking to stay competitive when they're not making music often head to golf courses and soccer fields to flex some off-stage muscle, demonstrating in the process that they know what it's like to be a true fan.

Some of the artists who made our sports-loving list developed a passion for their teams as kids, attending games with their fathers. Others discovered an interest later in life and got into team ownership after musical success gifted them the needed investment capital.

One thing is certain: these rock stars are extremely loyal. Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sussex, England are a few of the cities that have spawned some of rock's biggest stars, and many of the natives remain tied to their hometown football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams. Their careers may require them to trot the globe, but as soon as they return home they'll be in the stands – sometimes yelling louder than a front-row fan at one of their concerts.

As for the rockers who play sports, well, some are better than others. One artist with hidden basketball skills left people shocked and amazed when he finally showed them his game, while another musician referred to his own tennis game as "an abyss."

Regardless of skill level, many rock stars opt in just for fun, and that's precisely why we won't reveal their golf scores. From the MLB to the WWE, here's a collection of rock stars who spend their downtime playing and following sports.

30 Rock Stars and the Sports They Love

A look at rock stars who have a passion for sports.

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