Its a classic moment in Major League Baseball history. A night game in Arlington, Texas between the Texas Rangers and the visiting Chicago White Sox. Legendary hurler Nolan Ryan was on the mound for his Rangers, and future Hall of Fame catcher Ivan Rodriguez was behind the plate. Then, Robin Ventura came to the plate...

Ventura takes a fastball to the back of his arm...walks towards first base...thinks about it...and charges Nolan Ryan on the mound.

Now, at this time, Venture is 26-years-old at this point, and Ryan in 46-years-old, so you might think the guy 20 years younger has an advantage. But as you've probably witnessed in the legendary video, that's not the case.

Nolan Ryan wraps up Ventura's head, and pops him half a dozen times in the dome. Clearly the young guy had no idea what Nolan Ryan was capable of.

Almost right away the benches for both teams cleared, and Ryan was pulled off Ventura. A few more punches were thrown, there was a lot more shoving, and the screaming at each other lasted for minutes.

The whole incident lasted less than 27 minutes, but the impacts have lasted for 27 years.

This was one of the biggest moments of Nolan Ryan's career. Forget the strikeouts, the shutouts, the wins, the fastballs...the fact he stood on that mound, had a pro athlete 20 years younger than him charge him, and he beat him down...that's what made Nolan Ryan a John Wayne legend.


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