It’s one of the ugliest Porsche body styles ever made, but that isn’t going to stop an auction house from trying to snag big bucks for it for appearing in a Tom Cruise movie. That’s right 928 lovers, now you can own the infamous copper/bronze/gold/whatever Porsche 928 that was used in the movie ‘Risky Business.’

Volo Cars will be selling the Pacer Porsche (sorry, it looks like a Pacer) that Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay fooled around in in the 1983 Warner Bros. comedy that helped launch Cruise’s career. There were four 928′s used in the film and this is the one that got the most screen time. The Porsche they used to dump in the lake was a gutted one that the film crew immediately retrieved and shipped back to California to be used as a prop.

Even though this car isn’t the one they drowned, this Porsche’s asking price will be in the mid-fifties, well above what a car like this would normally go for. Brian Grams, one of the partners in the sale, commented on the price, and the condition of the car after sitting around in a museum all of these years. “Without the fame of this one, they usually go for around $12,000 or $13,000. If the buyer is considering buying it then driving it to California, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Who would buy this Porsche? Who knows. Someone who loves movie cars and has money to burn. For that kind of asking price for a 928, a make out session in the car with Rebecca should be included.

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