To be the man, you have to beat the man...which The Rock did back in 2002 on an episode of Smackdown...

The Rock and Ric Flair are two icons in the pro wrestling world, and have been some of the most successful wrestlers OUTSIDE of the pro wrestling bubble too. The Rock has become one of, if not THE, most successful box office draws in the movie industry, and Ric Flair makes the rounds through professional sports teams locker rooms and red carpets, because he's just that damn cool.

To see the image that Flair Tweeted this weekend, it helps to illustrate why Ric Flair is that cool, why even though The Rock beat him, Flair is STILL the man. Flair still holds the record for most World Title reigns (16 - tied with John Cena), and can still be seen regularly on WWE programming. But the fact that Flair has been doing this long enough to know, and hang, with a teenage Rock, and still be around to hang with movie-star Rock today, is just incredible.

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