I watch a lot of food shows and I watch a lot of travel shows. When you can combine the two genres you'll have me hooked for an episode or two. One of my favorite Travel Channel shows in recent history was Man v. Food that featured host Adam Richman in a battle with some of our nation's most outrageous eating challenges. It was on the air from 2008 to 2012 and when it departed I figured Richman had died, he didn't, or they just ran out of cool food challenges, they didn't.

Enter Actor and foodie Casey Webb. He is the "new" Man v. Food host and you and I will get to see him take on those epic challenges next week when the show is aired on Travel Channel beginning at 8 PM.

During Webb's time in New Orleans, he will introduce to the outside world the incredible food and amazing charm of Chef Leah Chase of Dooky Chase Restaurant. He will also tackle a monster Po-Boy from R&O Po Boys but the highlight of the Big Easy visit will be when he attempts to take down the Tchoupitoulas Challenge.

The Tchoupitoulas Challenge is from The Creole Creamery and its eight magnificent scoops incredibly rich ice cream layered with toppings and goodness to create a four-pound sundae.

I am glad Man v. Food is coming back. I really like to see some of the unique food challenges that are the stuff of urban legends revealed. I don't think there are any of those monster food challenges I'd actually like to try, especially the ones that involve anything so spicy the brain tells the body to expel fluids out of any available orifice. That's not my kind of entertainment.

However, a steak the size of half of a cow, a burger you could live in, or a sandwich so thick you'd need to unhinge your bottom jaw to bite, that's my kind of food challenge. Okay, it's my kind of challenge to watch someone else tackle. I'll take the regular portion and some extra napkins, please.


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