Those who are in love, love to be in love on Valentine's Day. Those who are in between romances can also have a reason to celebrate on the day that is set aside to honor romance.

Hooters restaurants have announced a unique way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day. That's Valentine's Day for those who don't have a significant other. The restaurant chain announced that they are offering a free order of wings if you are willing to destroy a picture of your ex-lover at their locations on February 14th.

The chain even has an online survey that you can participate in to determine what the most satisfying way to "destroy" your former love interest or photographic image of said interest might be.

Among the vengeful acts that you might take upon the effigy of your former soulmate are burning, shredding, burying, or the always popular throwing of a dart through the forehead of the one you'd like to forget.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Why not serve the bad feelings cold in exchange for free chicken wings? That seems like a very beneficial trade-off if you ask me.


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