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Legendary Louisiana rapper Boosie was shot this weekend in Dallas, according to multiple reports. KLFY-TV reports that the rapper was shot on Saturday, and rushed to the hospital. Police say that he was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg, and had no further update as of Saturday afternoon.

The Daily Mail reports that the wounds are non-life threatening, but adds that the shooting was the result of an "armed confrinataion" at a Dallas area mall. TMZ said that sources from the Dallas Police Department confirmed that the shooting took place near a mall.

Boosie was in Dallas to pay respects to fallen rapper Mo3, who has shot and killed earlier in the week, according to TMZ. There were various Tweets about Boosie attending an event being held in honor of Mo3.

None of the reports from inside Dallas indicate that police have made any arrests, or have any suspects at this time.


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