A report by the personal finance website, WalletHub, finds Louisiana is the second worst state for working moms.

Analyst Jill Gonzales says they measured the quality of child care and professional opportunities, which really brought Louisiana down. She says although the costs of day-care is relatively low.

“Third lowest in the country in fact, but the day care quality also is the third worst in the country so, there is this aspect of you’re getting what you pay for.”

Gonzales says the gender pay gap is fairly large in Louisiana, ranking 44th, as women make about 76 cents to every dollar a man makes. She also says the female unemployment rate is about 6%, really bringing Louisiana down.

“About 50% of single moms, with children younger than 18, right now in Louisiana are living in poverty. That’s a very large number, one of the highest in the country.”

Gonzales says the states at the top of this list are combating unemployment and making sure there are good opportunities for working moms. She says another factor against Louisiana is females have a longer workweek than other states.

“In Louisiana, we looked at the length of the average woman’s workweek, which is around 36 hours right now, that was actually one of the highest in the country.”

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