Mick Foley is a god. I'm not saying that, the soul of pro wrestling fans say that. When he got his first shot as on-screen Commissioner (or General Manager depending on the era) Foley took full advantage. He let his comedic timing, and quick whit run the show. He still had that certain level of "I can still kick your ass" in him, which made him pretty credible in certain situations.

But his second run was WAY different. Here's how it started:

By this point, Mick wasn't getting back into the ring, so he didn't pose a physical threat to anyone. He was still able to play of his comedy elements, but became more of an on-screen teacher. Foley played a role that was more like a father-figure than enforcer. He got his cheap pops in, sided with the baby-faces, and was able to tell some solid stories.

Sadly his reign as Raw GM wasn't as long as I would have personally hoped for it to have been. But I'm not going to dwell on that, I'm just glad it happened.

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