The WWE loves coming to Louisiana, which is probably because Louisiana always treats them well.

Louisiana's wrestling community was raised on Mid-South Wrestling and Texas-based promotions like Houston Wrestling, so they're very well-versed in the arts. So when WWE wants to come to town, every Louisiana community is ready to welcome them with open arms.

This week Lafayette and New Orleans got to experience WWE TV, something New Orleans is very experienced with, but something Lafayette doesn't get to enjoy as often. Which is why the set up this week was great, because Lafayette actually got the "major" show with Monday Night Raw while Nola got Smackdown Live on Tuesday night.

On Monday night, Lafayette got to witness the power of Brock Lesnar, who made his first appearance as Universal Champion on TV in WEEKS. But that moment may have been overshadowed by one of the best segments WWE has put on TV is a LONG time...The Miz and The Bear...

On Tuesday night, Smackdown Live and New Orleans got a lot of big pops, and familiar faces. But New Orleans also got their first experience with Shinsuke Nakamura...

The show also included the last face-to-face between current champ Jinder Mahal and his challenger Randy Orton prior to this weekend's Money In The Bank didn't go too well for the champ


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