WrestleMania 29 was live from Metlife Stadium last night. No episode of Monday Night Raw gets more hype than the one following Mania, so it's time to get the thinking cap out, and do some predicting.

It's been said that WrestleMania 29 was disappointingly predictable (I was 7-2 on my predictions), and a lot is riding on tonight's Raw being full of surprises. What's really going on behind the scenes with Vince McMahon and company?

Let's take a couple educated guesses at what fans might see tonight on 'Raw.'

  • The Tag Match That Was Bumped Will Happen

    You may, or may not, have noticed that there was a match missing from last night's WrestleMania 29 card. It wasn't anything we couldn't do without, especially on a four+ hour show, and instead the match will probably become a part of Raw, which is where it belonged the entire time.

    Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, and The Bella Twins will face off with Brodus Clay, The Artist Formerly Known as Tensai, and the Funkadactyls. I anticipate the bad guys winning this one, but since it might have no story implications past this one self-contained match, Tons of Funk could steal the win.

    Not one Divas match made the cut for WrestleMania 29, as this was their only hope. Luckily, AJ Lee showed up, or the lack of females would have been downright perturbing.

  • An Angry Antonio Cesaro Raids Raw

    Speaking of not making the cut for WrestleMania 29, Antonio Cesaro, WWE's United States Champion, was nowhere to be seen. He was scheduled to be on the card, and the only memorable WrestleMania moment he had all weekend was when CM Punk wore his shirt to the press conference on Thursday.

    I expect Antonio Cesaro to come out on Raw, and cause some havoc. Perhaps they'll even go away from the silly yodeling that he's been trying to get over lately. Cesaro is going to start small, attacking Santino Marella, but by the end of the show Cesaro could be interrupting...

  • Triple H Retires...Again

    Triple H has finally won a WrestleMania match, after what feels like a decade. He's redeemed all his recent losses, his hair is never growing back, and it's time for Triple H to ride into the sunset.

    A minute, or so, into Triple H's usual retirement schtick, Antonio Cesaro will interrupt, and entice "The Game" into a comeback. The only question is will Triple H bury Cesaro on Raw, or will he give the guy a few weeks of torture, and then put the final touches on him during the next PPV, Extreme Rules.

    Triple H didn't come out of retirement for just one match, did he? Let's hope Cesaro doesn't allow that to be so.

  • Alberto Del Rio Crosses Wade Barrett

    The World Heavyweight Champion overcame Jack Swagger, and the Tea Party, at WrestleMania 29. The World Heavyweight Champion is going to need a new opponent to defend his gold against, and Wade Barrett seems like the next logical choice.

    Barrett lost his Intercontinental Championship to The Miz last night, and he's going to be looking for his next stepping stone on his climb to the top. The most interesting thing about these two going head-to-head is that I have never seen them fight before. So many WWE feuds have been done to death, but these two would be fresh.

    I'm not sure if Wade Barrett is ready for a World Title run, but there's no way Del Rio can't get better matches out of him than guys like The Miz.

  • Team Hell No Continues Feud With 'Ziggy & Biggy'

    One of my favorite WrestleMania 29 moments was the opening to the Tag Team Championship match. Dolph Ziggler mocked Daniel Bryan by kissing AJ right when the bell rang to begin the match. Bryan did the same last year, and it cost him his World Title. Bryan scored a bit of redemption when he kicked Ziggler in the head following his own kiss.

    The match didn't seem to get as much time as these teams could use, and Ziggler doesn't seem poised to feud with Del Rio yet, so why not continue a tag team storyline this once?

    Big E Langston made his in-ring debut last night, so they should continue this feud with a one one one bout between Biggy and Kane. The best part of this feud has been Daniel Bryan/Ziggler showing off for AJ, but a close second would be Langston tossing Kane around like he was a sack of potatoes.

    These teams will wait until Extreme Rules to end their feud, even though I never want it to end.

  • Fandango Crosses The Miz

    The MIz took Wade Barrett's I.C. title in the WrestleMania 29 pre-show, continuing his own personal Mania streak. Fandango debuted at WM29 against Chris Jericho, who he beat in a sloppy match via roll-up. It's possible both feuds continue on, but I'd be much more interested in seeing Fandango move on to Mr. MTV himself, The Miz.

    The I.C. title doesn't mean a whole lot to a guy who has been WWE champion, but Fandango could have a fresh run with the championship. Miz hasn't been shy about putting over the younger heels, and I think these two could cut some golden promos opposite one another.

    This will all start on the set of Miz TV, which has become a more effective gimmick than I ever anticipated.

  • Ryback Gets Instant Revenge Against Mark Henry & Sets Sights on Cena

    In one of the surprise outcomes of WrestleMania 29, Mark Henry squished The Ryback. It was the first time Ryback has been dominated from open to close since his days as "Skip Sheffield". It was awkward to watch the man take such an extended beatdown, and the way he lost was even more odd.

    Ryback will be getting swift vengeance on Monday Night Raw. Mark Henry will come down the ramp to accept Ryback's rematch, but that's about all he's going to do, as Ryback will finish him with a Shell Shock in less than two minutes.

    After the match, Ryback will grab the microphone, and exclaim... "feed me CENA!" These two can then continue what they started at this year's Royal Rumble, where Cena eliminate Ryback second to last.

  • Christian Returns and Runs Through Jack Swagger

    WWE hasn't seen "Captain Charisma" on television since the time Antonio Cesaro began to debut. Christina did his job, put over Cesaro and the likes of Damien Sandow, and then took some well-earned time off.

    There's no better night to make a big splash on WWE TV than the one following WrestleMania. Jack Swagger took a clean loss in his World Heavyweight Title match, and since the whole "weed the people" scandal, I imagine his downfall will continue here.

    The story works perfectly, Christian is an immigrant, and already has history with the "All-American American". Sadly, it's not going to be an elongated feud, where both guys come out looking strong. Christian will make quick work of Swagger, and move onto bigger problems.

  • Zack Ryder Debuts a New Gimmick

    No Raw can go by without Zack Ryder in some form, usually complaining about being a jobber on Twitter, or another. It's only a matter of time until WWE re-packages this guy, ala Jack Swagger.

    Zack Ryder certainly hasn't been removed from WWE TV, but his character has been irrelevant for nearly an entire year. Perhaps it's time he started working on something with a bit more edge. Maybe he has another comedy gimmick up his sleeve, but that seems redundant.

    It's possible he could re-team with his Major Brother's partner, Curt Hawkins, though I doubt WWE has any plans to give Hawk a push.

    3MB will come out during Raw for what seems like a pointless segment, but by the end of it, Ryder will be running through all three men with "Broski" boots, even though they won't be called that anymore.


  • CM Punk/Lesnar/The Big Show/The Shield Begin a NEW Stable

    It won't quite be on par with the night N.w.O was created, but a new crew based around Paul Heyman's managerial expertise could be a game changer in WWE. There's already a precedence for such a huge alliance to be built on the Raw following Mania, as that's exactly how D-X did it when Michaels was taken out.

    All of these guys have something to be angry about, and they could all plausibly hold every title in the WWE at one time. Punk, Lesnar, and Big Show all have reasons to be angry with WWE's resident "good guys", and all are former world champions.

    Then, you have The Shield. These guys are itching for a tag title run, and they could do it Fabulous Freebird Rules, where all three alternate who defends the title belts on any given night.

    This would get the people talking, especially if Lesnar had any plans to actually put some time in on TV/PPV this year. In the end, Punk vs. Lesnar would have to happen to see who controls this new faction, and that's a match I'd love to see, and could even lead to a Brock Lesnar face turn.

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