Eric Nadel has long since been one of my professional idols. As a hall of fame broadcaster for my favorite baseball team, I've listened to him paint the picture of America's pastime for many hours of my lifetime. As much as I've always respected him as the Radio Voice of the Texas Rangers, I found that respect grow greatly for him today after the announcement that he'd be stepping away from the booth to start the 2023 baseball season.

Nadel released a statement today saying, "As many of you know, for years I have been an advocate for those with mental health issues. I now find myself dealing with anxiety, insomnia and depression that is preventing me from doing the job I love."

As for the Rangers broadcasts, they'll be fine moving forward with Matt Hicks and Jared Sandler. For Nadel, the most important thing is his health. Something I didn't always understand or believe.

I've been vocal on this platform over the last year of the journey I've been on to improve my physical, mental and emotional health, but it's a battle that I have felt like I've been losing since January. Still fighting, most days, but to see others with similar struggles is an incredible reminder that I'm not alone.

That you aren't alone.

That feeling of solitary isolation is something I am all too familiar with. I became too comfortable with fighting my battles alone for a decade plus and feeling like a failure, that became the norm to me. I now know, that isn't normal. Not just for me, or Eric Nadel, but for you too.

It's not normal to live life fighting to get out of bed in the morning. It's not normal to avoid family time because you can't summon the emotional energy to be your best self. It's not normal to suffer at a job because you think that's your role in life or that you can't strive for bigger and better. It's not normal to suffer in silence claiming that it's 'just life'.

My mind wanted all of those to be normal for me. I have fought incredibly hard since January 2020 to find a new normal. To create new standards for myself. To strive for better instead of good enough.

I don't know Eric Nadel personally, but I commend him for taking the steps to not live a miserable life. Depression is miserable, and for me, I thought that was just my lot in life.

It isn't, and it doesn't have to be for you either.

If you are struggling, please reach out to someone. If you are too anxious to reach out to a professional, find a friend. If you wear a mask in public and don't want people you know to know you're struggling, reach out to a stranger. My DMs are open on Twitter.

I don't know your struggle, but I know mine. I don't know Eric Nadel's struggles, but I can relate.

2023 has been my toughest year mentally since I started this journey. I shut down for January and February and am just now climbing back out of that hole.

It's hard, but it's worth the fight. I promise.

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