Reports say that the Rams, along with Matt and Kelly Stafford, will be taking care of the medical expenses of a photographer who fractured her spine after an incident following the team's Super Bowl parade. Video of the fall brought about criticism, as it showed the Los Angeles quarterback turning around and walking away after the photographer's injury.


The Los Angeles Rams along with star quarterback Matt Stafford were certainly enjoying their victory parade after defeating the Bengals in the Super Bowl. But just as things seemed to be wrapping up at the party for Stafford and his wife Kelly, an incident involving a photographer occurred that has since gotten lots of attention on social media.


Matt and Kelly Stafford were getting their picture taken by a photographer on stage to commemorate the day. But as the photographer stepped back to get a better angle, she took one step too far and ended up falling off of the stage completely.


Video captured the moment the photographer fell backwards off of the stage and onto the ground below. A moment of shock fell upon both Matt and Kelly Stafford's face.


After seemingly mouthing the words, "Oh my god" to his wife Kelly, Matt Stafford turned around and walked towards the other end of the stage. Kelly could be seen stepping towards where the woman fell off.

Twitter via @LoganTheHammer
Twitter via @LoganTheHammer

The freak accident that was captured on video went viral on social media, as many weighed in on Matt Stafford walking away just seconds after the photographer had taken a nasty spill.

The photographer, Kelly Smiley, provided the update on the injury herself via Twitter which you can see below.

The one misstep led to this photographer fracturing her spine. She also broke her expensive cameras in the fall. Needless to say, this was not the way she or anyone at the parade expected the day to wrap up.

Matt Stafford was criticized on social media for turning his back on the accident, although there were many who came to his defense saying that after a day of drinking - the quarterback was most likely not in a state to provide medical assistance to anyone.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Victory Parade & Rally
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Rams, Matt and Kelly Stafford to Pay for Photographer's Medical Expenses

Nevertheless, the Rams along with Matt and Kelly Stafford are reportedly coming together to take care of Smiley's medical expenses as well as replace the camera equipment that was broken in the fall.

See the announcement via @BleacherReport on Twitter below.

While the back-and-forth continues on social media regarding what Matt Stafford should have done in the moment, the damage has been done. What matters now is how the photographer is taken care of in the midst of injury and it seems as though the Rams and the Stafford's are doing what they can to help out after such an unfortunate happening.

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