Cajun culture has always put an emphasis on helping those in need around you. It is a fundamental element of the sense of family described by so many who were raised here or transplanted over to Cajun country.

Louisiana Athletics has put that sense of Cajun charity on full display by leading all Sun Belt teams in community service hours achieved over the 2021-2022 school year. The Cajuns ranked seventh in the nation among D1 schools for community service performed.

Two notable teams representing the Vermillion and White in this herculean effort were the Men's Golf program and the Women's Tennis team. Men's Golf finished top among all Division I men's programs and Women's Tennis ranked second among all women's programs.

Those two squads, along with the Ragin' Cajuns Baseball team, ranked highest in their respective programs. This puts Louisiana in rare company.

They were one of only two schools in the country with three top-ranked programs in regards to community service.

UL Athletics cites the success of their Geaux Lead program, which matches student-athletes with organizations to perform acts of service throughout the parish.

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I am a recent UL grad, and it feels like this has answered a question I used to ask myself a lot. I used to wonder why it felt like I rarely saw UL athletes outside of the occasional class here and there, now I know it was because they were putting hours of their already busy days back into their community.

These athletes put forth tremendous effort in the classroom and in practices, so to hear how willing and ready these teams are to put forth extra effort to help the people that support them is inspiring.

With the University of Louisiana's sustained success on the field, in the classroom, and in the community, it makes me proud to continue to say...

Geaux Cajuns.

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