The best story going on Raw right now is the story between Triple H and Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, that story may have just gone out the window because on Monday night, Rollins re-injured his surgically repaired knee and it sounds like he is more than likely going to miss his 2nd Wrestlemania in a row.

So, with the Rollins v Triple H match probably being scrapped, what the hell is H going to do now? I'm sure WWE at this point have plans A through Z covered, but being a fan and amateur wrestling writer, I have some ideas of my own. Here are, in my humble opinion, some of the best opponents for Trips to square of with in Orlando at Wrestlemania.

1) Finn Balor

This is probably the best option WWE has. Finn isn't tied into anything at the moment, since he's been out injured for the past few months. Plus, the entire story revolves around Triple H being the creator and destroyer of the WWE's future as NXT is his baby and brain child. Finn can come out, tell Trips that nobody can create or destroy the Demon. That he controls his own destiny. It could be an epic moment and get Finn back to Main Event status without actually being in the Main Event. Plus, how awesome would it be to see the Demon entrance on the grandest stage of them all?

2) Kevin Owens

I'd hate to see the Owens/Jericho blow up scrapped. Jericho is leaving after Mania, so if doesn't happen then, it's just not going to happen. But, you could have Owens drop the Universal Title at Fastlane. Then Owens can blame Triple H for the loss. He was handpicked by H and then abandoned. Not only can you turn Owens face, much like Kevin Steen was at the end of his ROH run...the anti-establishment bad ass...there is a great story to be told there. And would cement KO in the Main Event scene.

3) Samoa Joe

Joe was brought in to be Triple H's muscle and hit man. So, now that Joe did H's "dirty work" by taking out Seth Rollins, he wants to be rewarded with gold. When Triple H says no, that Kevin Owens is the guy, Joe turns on Triple H. I like Joe better as a heel, but this could be a great story that doesn't complete scrap the current story involving Rollins.

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