Oh Popeyes, you and your clever tricks.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is taking the drive-thru experience to the next level. They announced on Tuesday, October 23 that they're launching the world's first 12-hour drive-thru.

What the what?

The gimmick is meant to honor their tried-and-true 12-hour marinating process that has been a signature of their fried chicken for over 45 years.

Popeyes has set up a standalone menu board along I-10 outside of the west Texas town of Fort Stockton. You can place your order there but you'll have a bit of a drive to pick up your chicken.

That order will be prepared at Popeyes' flagship store on Canal Street in New Orleans, which is roughly a 12-hour drive.

“We wanted a fun way to celebrate that we have always marinated our chicken for at least 12 hours,” said Hope Diaz, chief marketing officer of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. “We don’t take shortcuts and this drive-thru emphasizes that.”

The best part is that all orders placed in Texas and retrieved in Louisiana will be free of charge.

The drive-thru is already set up but it won't formally open until November 9 at noon, at which point it will take orders for exactly 24 hours. Those planning to make the trek from Fort Stockton to New Orleans can now enter to win 12 months of free fried chicken by signing up for the interstate trip ahead of time.

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