If you've ever been to Colfax Louisiana you know it's a peaceful Central Louisiana town. About the only time that Colfax gets rowdy is during Louisiana Mudfest or the Louisiana Pecan Festival. Otherwise, Colfax could be Mayberry from TV's Andy Griffith Show.

26-year old David Maxwell is a resident of Colfax and recently his neighbors made an urgent call to police. Their reason for the call was they noticed David wandering around in his yard. He was dressed in a bath towel. He was carrying a knife. He was talking to the trees in his yard. You could say they had reason to be concerned.

According to a story from the Alexandria Daily Town Talk newspaper, Maxwell told the police he was outside of  his home because ghosts were inside his  home. He asked the officers to please take a look inside. The officers obliged and did not find any ghosts.

What they did find was an abundance of illegal drugs. Specifically, they found crystal meth, painkillers, and drug paraphernalia. Matthews was arrested and the ghosts were left to carry on their quiet existence without further interruption.

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