Is it just me or is this taking the whole "everybody gets a trophy" thing way too far?

Thinking back, high school was tough. Living life as a teenager, trying to do the right thing (not always succeeding), dealing with peer pressure, but most importantly trying to get good grades to keep from being grounded.

Maintaining a certain GPA and performing service hours was important when I was a kid, therefore following up with recognition. Personally, I remember being inducted to the National Honor Society at C.E. Byrd High School and feeling quite proud. It was also nice to have that recognition on graduation day as proof of all of the hard work.

But unfortunately for Seniors at Plano Senior High School, they won't be able to feel that same recognition on graduation day. Administrators at Plano Senior High School say that students will not be allowed to wear their National Honor Society regalia during graduation because they want everyone to feel included in graduation and not make other students feel excluded.

According to,

At Plano Senior High, students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher can wear a plain honor stole, but not the National Honor Society stole that signifies both grades and community service.



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