Patrick Mahomes has been showing up everywhere in the past several months, with endorsements piling up and late night TV appearances building his brand. Now, Mahomes has entered into day time television in a surprising way.

A couple was on The Maury Show this week arguing about the parentage of their child (as couples do on Maury), with the man arguing that if you obsess over somebody while you're pregnant, the child will have similarities to whomever your baby mama was obsessing over. I'm not sure on the biology here, but it seems to make sense.

His significant other did not feel the same way, exclaiming that the only man she obsessed about is none other than the defending NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes.

Watch the whole exchange here:

She's not the only one, either, with multiple women making comments like this one about the Muppet-voiced sex symbol:

I think she speaks for all of us to be honest.

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