A lot of people crave fame and fortune. If given the choice between the two I think most would opt for fortune. Earning a fortune without actually having to earn it is even better. Why be good when you can be lucky right?

Millions of Americans will hope that they are the lucky one tonight when the multi-state Mega Millions lottery drawing occurs just before  10 PM local time. The estimated jackpot for tonight’s drawing is $346 million if paid in an annuity or $216 million if you choose the cash option.

You know the Powerball drawing Wednesday isn't anything to sneeze at either. It's an estimated $307 million with the cash option estimated to be $193.2. Needless to say, winning either Mega Millions or the Powerball jackpot would make your life a lot different.

Some lottery winners claim to have a system that they use to select the numbers that brought them loads of cash and good fortune. I’m not sure I agree but it might be worth $653 million to take a look? I combined the Powerball and Mega Millions money for that figure. I mean, if you're going to win, why stop at just one jackpot right?

What’s the best way to pick winning lottery numbers? If we knew that do you think we’d actually share it? Well, we would. There really is no particular science to winning the lottery there is some probability that can be figured in but for the most part, you just have to make your picks and hope for lightning to strike. The good kind of lightning that is.

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