Onward, Pixar’s latest animated film, has made it from theaters to on demand to streaming on Disney+ in record time. (“Time” must be viewed relatively here, because it feels like Onward opened in theaters about 65 years ago even though it’s actually been less than a month.)

The movie premiered on March 6, just as the coronavirus pandemic began to pick up steam in the United States. While Onward did end up making $104 million worldwide before theaters were closed to comply with social distancing guidelines, it’s far and away Pixar’s lowest-grossing movie in history. (The troubled The Good Dinosaur was the company’s previous biggest flop, and it made more than three times that amount in theaters.) Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Disney released Onward on VOD two weeks ago — and now, less an a month after its theatrical debut, it’s already available on Disney+.

That’s good news for subscribers; the film is a fun and sweet adventure about a pair of brothers (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) who set off on a quest in their Dungeons & Dragons-inspired world to bring their late father back to life for one more day. The cast also includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the brothers’ loving mom, and Octavia Spencer as a fantasy creature known as a manticore. While far from Pixar’s greatest work, Onward would have undeniably fared better with audiences if it had come out at literally any other time in history. A lot of people who are stuck at home are going to enjoy the film on Disney+, so that’s a small upside. Here’s the film’s trailer.

The direct link to Onward on Disney+ is right here. (You can also read our full review of the film at this link.) Happy viewing.

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