It's a phrase we use a lot here at the radio station, "Only in Louisiana". We usually bring that phrase into practice when there's a video of a guy hand-feeding an alligator, or some bead-catching grandma tackling a younger person, or someone attaching a crawfish to their nipple just for fun. Okay, that last one was Texas but that kind of stupidity is a great reason not to go there and to come visit here.

Now the state of Louisiana has figured out that a hashtag for social media might bring even more attention to our state.

#OnlyInLouisiana is now the official way that you and I can make sure our social media posts are a part of Louisiana's tourism and travel campaigns. After all, nobody can tell the story of Louisiana's joie de vivre like Louisianans can.

 We’re asking our passionate residents that love Louisiana so much to share all those great experiences and pictures and videos about their unique experiences in their hometown.

Those were the comments that Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser made to the Louisiana Radio Network. For once in my life, I have to say a politician is actually correct. Nobody can tell our story like we can.

It’ll give us a real opportunity to point out some of the unique places that most of the time don’t get the attention they deserve.

In a state strapped for cash and very little money to promote itself, I think this is a great idea. Remember,  your posts don't have to always be outrageous. Sometimes all it takes is a photo of a bayou sunrise or a small town festival to give people a reason to want to come see what makes us special.

Share those stories, and we’ll send them out all over. We’ll have monthly contests with prizes and hopefully really get people involved in helping us promote Louisiana to the world.

If you think of tourism as free money for our state you'd be right. Tourism dollars usually come from out of state or out of the country visitors. They spend their money to stay in our hotels, eat at our restaurants, pay our speeding fines in our local speed traps, and they also enjoy our state's many attractions. So, let's invite them all. You can even tell them where to drive slower if you want too.


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