A new study has found that we are becoming the "Indoor Generation."

It feels like it was just yesterday that my mother was coming into the living room on a Saturday morning, turning off the television and telling us to head outside to play. As a child, the initial thought of being forced to use your imagination to entertain yourself sounds like the end of the world. However, I never walked inside at the end of the day with regret. Well... unless I had come across a snake during my adventures. We grew up in the middle of nowhere so it wasn't completely uncommon. My mother's suggestions to play outside as a kid have definitely become a need for me to spend time outdoors as an adult.

It would appear that my type is a dying breed.

A recent study, carried out by a window manufacturing company called VELUX, has found that a quarter of Americans spend the entire day inside. Whether it's at home or at the office, people are just not getting outdoors. The time we do spend outside is strictly for commuting to work or school.

In fact, the company deemed us the "Indoor Generation."

Looking deeper into the study, it looks like most people (77 percent) believe that the air in their home is cleaner and therefore healthier. This isn't always the case. The report generated from this study says that the air inside of our homes can be five times more polluted that the air outside.

Not to mention the sun is beneficial for us.

Forbes recently gave us several reasons as to why the light from the sun is good for our health. They listed things like mood boost, improved sleep, a stronger immune system, among others. With all of this information, it looks like spending all of our days inside is not only boring, it's making us unhealthy.

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