Meet some of Tony Chachere’s Chefs and learn some new cooking tips and tricks.

We've kicked mayo and mustard to the curb to give a few old favorites a flavor lift and spark your taste buds with something new.

Sportsman's Expo

To mark Louisiana's Bicentennial, Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne released a list of Louisiana's 200 most notable people. We're honored that Mr. Tony of Tony Chachere's is included. We take great pride in our state and are absolutely thrilled with all the buzz surrounding its 200th birthday.


Opelousas, Louisiana is the home of the legendary Tony Chachere (sash-er-ee), a noted sportsman, chef and bon vivant of the area. He was of French descent, born in Opelousas in 1905. Hard work followed by success was the pattern of his life.

At age seven, Tony was meeting the 2:30 a.m. train from New Orleans to pick up the big city morning papers for neighborhood delivery. Then he was off to school and back again for the afternoon papers after class was dismissed. At 12, he switched to delivering prescriptions and sundries for a local drugstore. He soon graduated to soda jerk, then clerk, and after intensive study and instruction he became a registered pharmacist and practiced this profession until age 30. During two depression years, he traveled as a drug salesman for a local wholesale drug firm, then founded his own wholesale drug business. He worked out of his garage at first and finally parlayed a borrowed $100 into a million.

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