We've already told you that January is a bad month for marriage. According to the folks that know, January is the leading month across the nation for divorce. Perhaps divorce wouldn't be so common if there were laws that made it harder for you to get married.

Well, there are a few laws still on the books that could still make that commitment to commitment a little more binding. Or make it at least take more of an effort to obtain. The good news is that most of these laws aren't enforced. Still, you have to wonder why they were written in the first place.

Here in Louisiana, New Orleans in particular, you can have any ordained individual perform your vows as long as that individual is not a fortune teller, palm reader, or mystic. It would seem to me having one of those people as your wedding officiant would be a good thing. They could tell you up front how long it's going to last.

In Mississippi, it's all about being marriage worthy. In the community of Truro Mississippi, a bridegroom must prove his manliness by killing. Not another person, he must prove he can hunt and provide for his new bride. To demonstrate his prowess for providing he must provide proof that he has killed either three crows or six blackbirds.

Kentucky believes that fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times one of us is really dumb and fool me four times you're going to have to go to jail. That's right in the Commonwealth of Kentucky it's against the law to marry the same man four times. The law still applies even if he is your cousin, brother, or father.

South Carolina law says if you say it you better mean it. If a person proposes marriage to another person just to gain access to intimate relations it is a crime. You could go to jail if you ask a girl to marry you just because you'd like to sleep with her. That includes family members. Dang, they make it tough in South Carolina, don't they?

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