Former LSU star Odell Beckham, Jr. made his regular season debut with his new team, the Cleveland Browns, Sunday afternoon. But despite losing badly to the Tennessee Titans and being held to only 71 yards on 7 catches, the heralded wide receiver made a splash by wearing a decidedly non-football item on the field during the game.

During Sunday's first game of the season, Beckham was wearing a wristwatch! And not just any timepiece, but a watch from Swiss designer Richard Mille valued at $350,000!

Mille has made news before for his outfitting of sports stars, including a watch for tennis great Rafael Nadal ($775,000) and golfer Bubba Warson, who at this year's Masters wore a Mille model worth $825,000.

The Swiss designer's watches fetch such a high price because of his complex designs and his use of lightweight materials found only in Formula 1 racing vehicles.

Only time will tell if the Beckham watch, like others in the Mille line, designed to take a great deal of punishment, will be allowed by league for more than the Browns first game of the season.

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